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October 2017
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This is not a post about rock or theology per se.  Rather it is a sort of “meta-post,” arising from a recent discussion I had with Tom Beaudoin, who suggested I share this with our colleagues (and readers) here on the blog.

For a couple of years, I have minimally maintained a page over at  It’s a social networking site for — you guessed it — academics.  I set it up back in 2010 or so, uploaded a picture, added a CV, and then just let it sit there.

Anyway, over the past couple weeks, I took another look at it, and started playing with it.  It is actually pretty simple to use and robust in its features.  There is one feature, in particular, that made Tom suggest I bring it to your attention.

In addition to allowing you links to articles and other print publications you have authored, the site also allows you to add customizable categories.  I added one for “Online Articles,” and I am working on linking my various blog posts there.

If you are like me, you have some Rock and Theology posts you are proud of, and that show off your scholarship in a different light than the “normal” avenues of academic publishing might highlight.  Setting up an page can help you showcase those posts beyond the readership of this or other blogs.

If you want to check out how I am using it, look here.  I’d also love suggestions from other folks about different ways to use (or reasons why you don’t want to use it), as well as other sites that might be useful for nerds like us.

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